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pr0m0terzz's Journal

ProMote Yuh SHIT!
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ab fab, absolutely fabulous, affection, aim, alternative music, amanda perez, american eagle, angelina jolie, aqua teen hunger force, art, aventura, bacardi superior, bachata, bailando, bam margera, beauty, being in love, bif naked, bjork, blue crush, brandon boyd, brandon boyd's tattoos, brokedown palace, buttercup, candles, caramel frappacinos, charmed, chatting, chevelle, chicken, chillin, christina aguilera, clubbing, clubs, coffee, cuddling, degrassi, denise, diamond princess, disney channel, double shots, downtown lawrence, dr. pepper, drinking, dude where's my car, dying my hair, eyeliner, fairies, fast and the furious, fast cars, fefe dobson, friendship, girl fight, going out, graphic design, hawaii, hello kitty, hennessey, hip hop, homies, honda civics, honesty, html, hugs, icons, incubus, ivy queen, juice, kisses, letty, linkin park, lip gloss, love, lumidee, margaritas, memories, mexican, mexicans, michelle rodriguez, migente, mijos, mike shinoda, morning view, movies, muahz, music, new orleans, nicky jam, nose rings, oranges, parties, passion, peace, pictures, piercings, pink, pink hair, powerpuff girls, rainbows, real world, reebok, reggaeton, resident evil, rich girls, romeo and juliet, s.w.a.t., scarface, sean paul, secrets, sex, sincerity, singing in the shower, skateboarding, sleeping in, smile empty soul, smiles, snake river conspiracy, snow, soccer, spice girls, stars, stellar, subway, surfing, swimming, t.a.t.u., talking, tattoos, tatu, techno, tequila shots, that's so raven, the exies, the granada, the in crowd, the princess bride, tongue rings, tricked out cars, trina, true friends, wal-mart, westbank, will and grace, woodmere, working out